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Reducing our dependency on fossil fuels for energy and power is essential and considering there are alternatives, and green energy alternatives at that there is no reason why we should be reliant on coal and oil. Furthermore the rising cost of these fossil fuels due to demand is playing a part in encouraging governments, businesses and individuals to convert to renewable green energy. We take a closer look at the different type of green energy sources that it may be worth making an investment in.


  • Biomass – Biomass energy is created by anaerobic digestion; it is the gas that is given off as part of the natural breaking down of waste. While this is one of the options of green energy that can eliminate waste products while producing electricity, these fuels are bulky and expensive to transport.


  • Wind – This is a popular green energy alternative and due to the invention of lightweight but durable materials and aerodynamic designs, producing wind turbines is no longer the huge expense that it used to be. By improving the materials the turbines are also more resistant to mechanical fatigue and can function better in cold and rainy climates. However your electrician will tell you that running a wind turbine will use some electricity, albeit a small amount.


  • Geothermal – Geothermal plants have an uptime of 97% and operate far more efficiently than coal plants. This type of green energy solution is created by pumping heated water from deep below the surface of the earth, which is then used to turn a steam turbine. These plants are small and can be built in a variety of places, but the high initial costs often prevent these plants from being built.


  • Hydro – Hydro power generates more than 20% of the world’s energy and is the most practical of the green energy systems. They can however only be built in certain places as they require an enormous amount of space.


  • Solar – Almost every electrician Cape Town will tell you about the increasing requests for solar systems for green energy. While the initial costs are quite high, solar energy pays for itself after a few years making these systems very popular for homes and businesses.


Using green energy provides consumers with an environmentally friendly way of deriving electricity and is a real alternative to our current fossil fuel based energy.


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