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We all recognise the importance of making our homes and office spaces eco-friendly, but the same applies to large commercial spaces such as warehouses, and it’s equally important that businesses using warehouse spaces take steps to ensure that they operate a fully green warehouse.

The idea of converting such large buildings into eco-friendly spaces may seem quite daunting at first, but you might be surprised to learn that warehouses are at the forefront of the green trend; even the smallest changes to a warehouse space can have a big impact on the building’s energy efficiency. This could include steps like buying used cantilever racking, recycling old pallets and switching to eco-friendly packaging materials.

Why Operate an Eco-Friendly Warehouse?

It should go without saying that every business owner needs to take responsibility for the environmental impact of their commercial operations, and green warehouses can offer numerous benefits to a company as well as the environment. Sustainable lighting, heating and other green solutions are proven to reduce operating costs, and a warehousing company that goes green can bank on attracting business from the ever-growing number of eco-conscious consumers.

How to Turn a Warehouse Green

  • Reducing the need for artificial lighting with more natural light – from windows, skylights and solar tubes – will make the warehouse a greener (and more pleasant) building.
  • The use of energy-efficient lighting solutions wherever possible will greatly reduce the building’s energy consumption.
  • Upgrading both ventilation and insulation reduces the need for artificial heating and cooling systems.
  • Green roofs (rooftop gardens) are a beautiful way of insulating a warehouse and improving air quality.
  • Storage equipment like pallet racking and shelving can be bought used instead of new from reputable suppliers, reducing waste throughout the warehousing industry.

For more information on the eco-friendly warehouse trend, take a look at this excellent infographic on the Green Warehouse Effect and get inspired!

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