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Seattle City has managed to save money once again, this time by shedding a new light on the situation as it were. There are many phases to an eco project; the planning phase, the distribution of costs phase and finally, the action phase. For this section of the project, known as ‘The Great LED street light program’ over six thousand energy efficient bulbs were swapped into circulation and the city is now expected to save well over three hundred thousand dollars. The city installed these bulbs up and down the streets from Ship Canal to North 65th Street.

For now, the second phase is well under way, and this also includes using solar water heating in lieu of standard electrical geysers – phase two also includes twelve thousand more LED lights which are planned to go into service from North 65th street to the North end of City Lights serviced territory. By the end of 2014, it is said that over fourty-one thousand LED lights will be pulled into existence on the streets of Seattle. The superintended of the majestic City Lights project has stated that the new LED lights make use of up to fifty percent less power than the original lights.

When all of the lights are in operation, over two point four million dollars per year will be saved in electrical costs alone. The new lights are also technologically advanced and emit a whiter light which almost resembles moonlight. It is said that the new lights will provide a better level of visibility for the drivers at night. The old lights were a murky amber colour; therefore it was difficult for the drivers to gauge their distance. Seattle City is growing ecologically and changing for the better, who knows what the city will do next in order to decrease its eco-footprint.


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