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eco buildingThe technology park Smart City Malta was recently awarded for its first eco building by the US Green Building Council, a first for the island nation. The building SCM01 received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver accreditation and as a result, other buildings in Smart City Malta are making plans to follow suit. The SCM02 and SCMO3 building have already been pre-certified to the Silver rating. Foreign businesses that benefit from income tax in Malta should give back to the nation by reducing their carbon footprint.

The SCM01 eco building incorporates energy efficient and water saving features such as eco building lighting to save on costs and resources, and was constructed using sustainable methods and materials. The LEED certification of the Smart City Malta eco building is based on eco friendly building design and construction features that protect the project, staff and the community from excess energy consumption. The eco building SCM01 has impressively reduced its water consumption by 52.3% and energy consumption by 17.6%. Considering the material used to construct the eco building, over half was sourced from locations within 500 miles of the building site. Furthermore, almost 14% of the eco building material consists of recycled matter.

The eco building material and design nor only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but is also cost efficient, thus benefiting employers, workers, the community and the environment. The eco building LEED award hopes to encourage further green growth in both Smart City Malta and the nations business networks in general, from Malta law firms to the gaming industry. After all, buildings are the perfect example of how human systems and natural systems integrate. According to calculations by the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan for Malta, the targets for energy use and efficiency for 2010 were exceeded. The development of more eco buildings in the domestic, commercial and industrial realms will further improve Malta’s overall energy efficiency rating.

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