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When planning our vacations with our families and loved ones for the upcoming summer, why not include some eco holiday ideas into the discussions around the table. Sure you can visit a multitude of resorts around the country that have changed to greener practices such as installing a solar heating system for the chalets, but can you get more eco friendly than camping? “Roughing it” not only reduces the carbon footprint of your holiday, but surely one of the best ways to experience an eco holiday is to camp and get up close and personal with mother nature. This is all based on whether you follow green practices while camping, so here are a few tips.

Rather use re-usable materials while you’re on the camping trip. I realise that washing up with limited facilities for a family of 5 may take longer and be more work, but using paper towels and paper plates for each and every meal will cause a build-up of waste on your eco holiday. Make sure that any consumables that you take, such as washing up liquid and bug spray are eco friendly; otherwise your chemical trail on your holiday may damage the site. Get back to nature with a regular campfire and use it for cooking and even boiling your water for that morning cup of coffee, making your eco holiday a different experience for the family. When you are purchasing or packing lights for your trip, if you need them, get lamps with led light bulbs to minimise the energy usage.

Camping is one of the best holidays and most unique experiences that many families have forgotten. The nights of sleeping under the stars, roasting the marshmallows on an open fire and talking are some of the simple things our busy urban life makes us forget. So go camping this year as your choice of eco holiday and when you leave your campsite ensure nothing is left behind, including new fond memories.


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