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Even shipping agents Cape Town who work in a shipping agency Cape Town side need to relax on cruise ships every now and then. For the dedicated eco-warrior, luxury cruise ships that are ecologically friendly in nature do exist, and some of the very finest include:

  • Holland American Line

Aboard every one of these new cruise ships, the staff is trained to respect the environment through effective recycling methods such as waste management, and the use of eco-friendly cleaning supplies. These cruise ships dispose of their waste offshore and in strict compliance with ecological regulations. Even the guests themselves are taught to be more environmentally conscious. This is a top cruise ship for the eco-smart.

  • Celebrity cruises

Each one of these luxury cruise ships is equipped with an environmental officer and it is their job to ensure that correct training and procedures are always followed on these new cruise ships. Celebrity cruises also supports many ecological foundations such as Save the Waves and a multitude of others.

  • Costa Cruises

From Russia to Dubai, Costa Cruises sails the seven seas without leaving their pollution on the planet. Costa Cruise ships have implanted a system known as the Business Excellence Sustainable Task or BEST4. With this system in place, Costa Cruise ships ensure that every journey on their luxury cruise ships is an eco-friendly one.

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