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Eco Architecture is a trend becoming popular with many major firms who wish to get into the sustainable design industry, and when JP Morgan banker Stephen Fisher wanted a home away from home, this was a key focus for him when deciding where he was to have international roots out of Australia. While he may have eyed a luxury property for rent in Little Venice at one stage, Fisher decided to purchase open lots of land in Singapore, mere hours after they were available. Deciding that he wanted a home with an outdoor feel that embraced the living environment of the plot, he approached architecture firm Guz Architects for a design to be sustainable and give him the feeling of what he had left behind in Australia.

Guz Wilkinson and his team are specialists in tropical eco architecture and so the requests of the client were exactly the type of work that inspired them to push the boundaries of modern architecture. The design of the home focused on the use of bamboo and limestone, to give it a feeling of natural space while the underwater lounge and specialist roof design gave integrates into the natural environment in a fashion that is seldom seen in homes. Two separate household areas exist, one for living and the other for resting, connected by a bamboo walkway and a serene pool section below.

The house sports the same luxury features that you may see in luxury property for sale in Chianti, but with an extended eco focus. The architecture boasts a garden section on the rooftop for morning yoga, but it also regulates the household temperature. Sliding glass panels help with airflow and solar panels are set to provide up to 60% of the power required by the household. LED lighting keeps the mood soft and light throughout the household, and eco architecture for luxury properties is a growing trend that is great for design and the natural world it occupies.


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