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From London to Los Angeles, Fashion Week events have been showcasing the latest trends across the globe over the past 2 months, and international catwalks have been showcasing everything from safety footwear to stilettos, workwear inspired creations and gorgeous accessories. Eco fashion has played a major role in major international Fashion Weeks this year, showing that fashionistas can be simultaneously chic and caring!

Eco friendly fashion is a growing design trend that considers environmental and social responsibility to be a crucial part of the design process. Eco fashion designers source sustainable materials, many using natural and recycled fibres to create their garments. Celebrity fashion designers like Stella McCartney and Alison Hewson (wife of the rock star Bono) work to promote eco friendly fashion design and a growing number of stars can be seen looking spectacular in eco fashion ensembles.

LA Fashion Weekend was the latest event to highlight eco fashion, with the Green Initiative Humanitarian Fashion Show. This eco fashion show was presented by the Green Youth Movement, an organisation dedicated to educating young people about environmental concerns.

It’s encouraging to see eco fashion brands being brought into the international spotlight and the mainstream fashion industry; perhaps in future years we will see eco fashion dominating the catwalk while less sustainable design practices lose their appeal. One thing’s for sure, “green” is definitely in this season!

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