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“Eco friendly” is the buzzword of 2010. As we hear of electric cars hitting the market and we see new hybrid vehicles passing us in the street, some of us feel that we should be more eco friendly when it comes to our car. If you cannot afford a hybrid car, there are ways in which everyone – from plumbers to pilots – can be more eco friendly concerning your own car. Here are three green eco friendly car tips you can follow without going to the car dealers.

Keep your tyres properly inflated:

This is an eco friendly tip that I am sure many of you did not know. If you keep your tyres properly inflated at all times, this will keep your car more eco friendly by saving petrol but giving you more miles for your money. Another benefit is that properly inflated tyres will last longer as well as keep you safer on the roads.

Do not overdo breaking:

By breaking more you are using more petrol and therefore filling up more and evidently not being as eco friendly as you could be. Your brakes will also last longer if you use them less and this means that you are being kinder to your pocket, your car as well as eco friendly to the environment.

Create your own eco friendly car wash:

Many of us do not have the time to wash our cars, but if you do, there are ways in which you can get your car sparkling the eco friendly way. Instead of buying car wash soap, you can make your own from washing up liquid, laundry detergent and water or use eco friendly products and be sure to use recycled water from your bath or dishes to clean your car and remain eco friendly.

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