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With the positive, new green movement many people across the world have embraced, green buildings are now more of a common occurrence. Here at Ecoblog we enjoy hearing about these environmental initiatives and in this article we look at some green buildings from around the world, how they were built by hard working individuals in hi viz clothing and the innovations they have incorporated to make them so sustainable.

Sustainable, Green Buildings

Bank of America, New York

This green building is one of the most environmentally conscious ones in the world and the construction behind its creation was innovative and extensive. The 54 storey skyscraper was built in a way to let in as much natural light as possible, thus reducing the need for temperature control. It uses solar panels to harness energy form the sun, it collects rainwater to reuse and all of the materials used in this green building’s construction were recycled objects.

2. CH2 green building, Melbourne

Australia is one of the greenest countries in the world and the CH2 building is a tribute to this. The United Nations have commended this sustainable, green building that takes its environment into consideration. The construction and design behind this green building took all measures for environmental sustainability from wind turbines, sewage recycling, thermal mass cooling and photovoltaic cells.

3. COR, Miami

COR is a green building that is not onlys caring towards the environment and is sustainable but its design is absolutely unique and beautiful. It shows that you do not need to lower a green building’s aesthetic appeal just because it is environmentally friendly. It was built to offer natural shade in the Miami heat, utilises solar panels, wind turbines and photovoltaic cells. A green building to be admired in both an ethical and architectural aspect.

We commend all of the people involved in the building of these amazing green buildings, from the green pioneers, to the builders in a hi vis bomber jacket working day and night and the innovative architects.


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