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There are certain things in life which we take for granted, with one of them being top soil. Over the past decade, Malta’s soil resources have been rapidly depleting as construction sites continue to layer their properties over the valuable top soil which would prevent Malta’s crops from dying out. As the government realized the damage they were doing, they eventually begun to build sites on sustainable patches of land. This process is called soil-sealing and the total loss of soil in the EU throughout 2010 was less than three percent, Malta’s was thirteen percent!

So how can soil-sealing be defined? It is any soil which is now covered in concrete or asphalt and plant life is unable to penetrate it. This method readily threatens the availability of sustainable soil as Malta has now been placed under an extreme amount of pressure as its land use demands are sky-rocketing! Malta company registration has been on the increase, and the need for top soil is greater than ever. Soil is used for the fundamental changes to the ecosystem of Malta and without soil; there would be no way to sustain life on our planet.

A report has recently been released in Europe which states that every year, a patch of soil roughly three times the size of Malta is lost to soil-sealing. Perhaps there could be Malta double tax treaties imposed on companies which want to destroy viable land, which may just affect them so drastically that they are unable to afford the actual cost of construction. In actuality, the European Environmental Commission has proposed these answers: the limiting of the progression of soil sealing, the introduction of mitigation actions which provides compensation to the parties who are affected and improved spatial planning when top soil must be removed. With luck, soil will continue to thrive on the shores of Malta.


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