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The choices we make in our everyday lives today can have a dramatic impact on our carbon footprint – and in recent years, the Eco City trend has shown that where we live can be just as important as how you live. Estate agents in Bayswater will point out that green cities and eco villages are springing up around the world, building a gorwing number of strong, sustainable communities. The latest Eco City projects are Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City, and more recently, the Surbana Urban Planning Group’s development in Tianjin, China.

The Tianjin Eco City is a large scale sustainable urban development, with a total area of 30sq km. The eco friendly development is designed to showcase the latest green technology and pave the way for similar cities in China. Once completed, the Tianjin Eco City will be home to 350 000 residents, and situated only 150km from the capital city of Beijing, commuters will be within easy travelling distance of their workplaces.

Tianjin’s Eco City design is divided into 7 different areas, namely:

Lifescape: A collection of low-rise green homes and a conference centre.

Eco Valley: A channel connecting different parts of the Eco City through a light rail system. The area includes recreational parks.

Solarscape: The civic centre of Tianjin’s Eco City is situated on the waterfront, and modelled after a giant sundial.

Urbanscape: A compact city area where vertical space is used efficiently and buildings are connected by multiple sky-bridges.

Earthscape: A residential area with a series of terraces; Earthscape is modelled after a rice paddy field.

Windscape: A communal recreation area with a small lake.

Eco Corridors: The 4 corridors stretch through the Eco City and are used exclusively to allow flora and fauna to thrive.

Even the most discerning estate agents Paddington would agree that this futuristic, sustainable city is rather awe-inspiring. The development will harness a combination of solar energy and wind power; there is also a strong emphasis on social harmony, and subsidised housing in the city will help lower and lower-middle income families to join the sustainable community.

Construction on the Tianjin Eco City began in 2008, and the development is due to be completed in 2020.

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