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The shipping industry is making huge changes to its business operations in order to be more carbon neutral, and a number of eco ship designs have been put forward as potential solutions to help reduce carbon emissions. With threats of huge fines and penalties proposed for any company that does not comply with eco shipping guidelines, there is a definite move in the industry towards finding greener methods and alternatives.


The Eco Ship 2020 is the latest in energy efficient and cost effective concept design. It will enable commercial shippers to drastically improve their performance while simultaneously lowering fuel costs. The open hatch bulk carrier is fuelled by LNG and has a wide twin skeg hull, a seaworthy bow, air lubrication to reduce friction, four stroke medium burn gas engines, and a flexible propulsion and power generation system. The eco ship also features a waste heat recovery system that uses this to feed electric power to supplement the propulsion of the ship, providing an additional 5% fuel savings at normal cruising speeds.


This ship could have a huge impact on eco friendly shipping methods for every local and international clearing agent wanting to go green. It has four large capacity electric jib cranes that makes loading and offloading cargo quite simple, while the hatch covers on the ship are made of a composite material that is considerably lighter than the traditional steel covers. In terms of carbon emissions, the Eco Ship is fully compliant with future IMO, ECA and Tier III requirements, and emits an estimated 50% fewer emissions that typical existing OHBCs.


The company’s president Hiroshi Minami has said that while the Eco Ship has been created as an innovative concept, it is all based on existing or emerging technologies. The company is committed to finding more eco friendly ways of shipping especially for bulk carriers, and with these new technologies and the company’s shipbuilding expertise, this is highly possible. While many people will still send their goods as air freight, this eco ship is certainly one of the ways to send sea freight in an eco friendly fashion.

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