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When it comes to dent repair you can either go for the usual body shop repair, or you can investigate a more environmentally conscious alternative. If you’re like most people then you’ve probably never considered whether or not getting dent repairs has an impact on the environment or not. We take a closer look at this and its eco friendly alternative.


General body repair shops tend to use considerable amounts of chemicals from paints to sealers, as well as others. These release toxic emissions which contribute to air pollution. These shops also tend to use a lot of electricity as the dent repair tools that are used all need electricity to operate. Often body repair shops will replace an entire panel just to correct a small dent. However, a new method being used by panelbeaters Pretoria and surrounds offers a more eco friendly way to repair dents and scratches.


This option is paintless dent repair; a technique that uses special tools in order to repair just the dent instead of the entire panel, without the use of paint and other chemicals. An additional benefit of this type of repair is that quite often the technician will come to you and the repair can be done in under an hour.


So how are paintless dent repairs the more eco friendly option. Well firstly there is considerably less waste as the actual dent is repaired rather than repairing or replacing the entire panel, and there is less electricity used. Also the time required to repair dents is reduced to an hour or two rather than a couple of days which contributes to the reduction in electricity


Ask your local panelbeaters Cape Town if they offer paintless dent repair for a more eco friendly dent repair option.


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