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Each and every year, our global temperatures rise by a few degrees at a time. Over the span of a few years, this adds up to a degree of climate change which is hard to simply push aside. The heat becomes unbearable, our water sources dry up and our earth becomes a dry ball of pain and ash. If this sounds unpleasant to you, then imagine the pain that the glacial expert experiences as they attempt to discover why the glaciers are disappearing at such a startling rate.

Rockhopper TV and Dr. Lonnie Thompson have created a short documentary (which is located below this blog) which attempts to discuss and pinpoint the glacial mysteries. Dr. Lonnie is a glaciologist, or someone who studies the layers of ice located inside and above our planet. He has discovered a shocking truth which rocks him to his core; the truth that we are losing more ice then we can handle. Dr. Lonnie tells us to imagine the glaciers as an enormous bank – if we withdraw more money than we have in our bank accounts, we become overdrawn. Right now, the glaciers are overdrawn in regards to water supply and we are most certainly not assisting them by refueling their supplies!

The people of Peru, the Himalayas and Asia will be the first to be hit with droughts in the dry seasons and regardless of which country we live in, all of us will begin to suffer from water shortages. Rockhopper TV can only document the impending global disaster; it is the duty of the denizens of mother earth to protect their selves from water shortages by applying a level of thought to each and every water chore they enact. Dr Lonnie states that even on the micro level (turning off taps and using sewerage water in day to day chores) water saving techniques can be employed to great success.

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