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Sustainability is growing in popularity and homes that are built to be sustainable is an ever-growing trend. What is a sustainable home? It’s a home that is built in such a way that there is minimal impact to the natural surroundings of the structures. It has additional resources such as solar panels to capture heat to cook, heat the water, the pool and to be used for cooking.

Sustainable homes use borehole water in their everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, showering and even to fill the pool. Many properties from a luxury property for rent in Hampstead to a decadently luxurious property for sale in Sao Paulo can start the sustainable process by simply having photovoltaic panels installed to capture the heat from the sun. This alone saves massively on electrical bills and it serves to impact the environment much less.

Sustainable homes can be built in such a way that they face the sun for their solar panels to gain the best in solar energy. So much can be done when it comes to sustainability in the home, and as architects and homeowners and clients building new homes move towards a more sustainable future  and the environment feels much less of an impact than it did before.

Properties in the far reaches of mountains, situated in villages or simply properties like the luxury property for sale in Megeve are moving toward being environmentally sustainable homes. So, now when people ask ‘what is a sustainable home?’ people will point at them in admiration. Mother Nature will hopefully start sighing with relief because nature will start to regenerate itself and flourish in ways that have been lost before.


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