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Malta is known as an immensely beautiful and popular holiday destination. Thousand of people flock to Malta every year for enjoyable Malta holidays which has a great impact on the economy but some harmful implications for the environment with many other contributing factors. This World Environment Day was celebrated in Malta with HSBC highlighting many of the environmental problems Malta is faced with and held numerous environmental initiatives and activities, EcoBlog investigates.

This World Environment Day celebration on the 5th of June, together with the HSBC foundation carried out an array of both in-house and out-house environmental activities. One of the main World Environmental Day activities was the beach cleanup of the ‘il-Ballut’ area in Marsaxlokk and Marsalforn Valley in Gozo which became over saturated with tourists in the summer months leading to a higher degree of pollution and rubbish. The beach cleanup team was comprised of HSBC employees, the Directorate of Tourism and the Eco-Gozo Unit. Not only does this World Environment Day celebrate a greener and cleaner environment but also adds to better surroundings for tourists visiting the island thus helping with tourism. Gozo ministry officials also supported the World Environmental Day activities and informative nature walk sessions were offered by an official from Nature Trust on the island. World Environmental Day activities were further celebrated in the HSBC branches which promoted environmental sustainability and provided customers with information on environmently friendly ways of saving energy through various means, including alternative energy initiatives endorsed by the MRRA, guidelines for better usage of domestic wells, and other practical energy saving advice.

This World Environmental initiative was well received from the public who have also looked at adopting greener methods for a cleaner, greener island and one that promotes the tourism of Malta with many tourists staying in Topaz hotel Malta.

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