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green jobsAccording the UN, tens of millions of green jobs can be created worldwide over the next two decades if proper strategies are put in place by governments to develop green economies. A green economy is a move from high-carbon to low carbon economies, with a focus on sustainable and social development. A report by the United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) stated that between 15 and 60 million new green jobs were likely, taking into account job losses in high carbon industries, offering great potential for the alleviation of poverty and decreasing unemployment levels. Furthermore, green jobs provide opportunities for women to enter the market through green job training, meaning that the world may begin to see more women in ladies safety shoes.

In the US alone there are around three million green sector jobs, notably wind power, solar power and building energy efficiency. The UK boasts around one million green jobs and is reportedly one of the few sectors that enjoys positive job growth. Spain has around 500,000 green jobs whilst 7% of Brazil’s population are employed by green sector jobs. However, in order to secure potential green jobs for the future, governments need to implement policies to develop green economies, as current development models are inefficient and unsustainable for both environments and economies.

Green jobs that are easily identified include work in renewable energy, forest management, wind power or roofing insulation. However, green jobs can be created in any sector or industry if there is a shift towards a green economy. For example, green job training, hospitality linked to responsible tourism and eco produce, green construction jobs and sustainable men and ladies workwear manufacturing.

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