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beyond skinHave you ever thought about lowering your carbon footprint in a more literal sense, by slipping your feet into an eco shoe? If the answer is yes, we have sourced some of the top eco friendly shoe brands from around the world, who are making great strides to conserving our environment, either through preserving wildlife or though adopting ethical business practices. In your quest to ‘go green’ make sure you put your best foot forward.

Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin is a brand of stylish, cruelty free eco shoe. The objective of the brand, which was founded in 2001, is to offer attractive flat heels, boots and even bridal shoes to fashion conscious and environmentally aware women. All of their eco friendly shoe ranges are vegan and leather-free. Beyond Skin also cares for their employees, who are based in the UK, and is involved in every part of the production process to ensure that ethical standards remain high. Celebrity ambassadors of this eco shoe include Natalie Portman, who worse them on the red carpet. Make sure that your boot shapers are hugging an eco shoe.

Shark Shoes

At first glance the shark shoe sounds more like safety wear as opposed to an eco shoe. However the shark eco shoe is an integral part of a conservation project driven by the shoe manufacturer TOMS and the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program at the University of Miami. Together, the two parties have created a programme to help protect various shark species. TOMS designed the eco shoes, and all proceeds of the sale will go towards shark conservation. The limited edition vegan eco shoe is designed for men and women, is in a nautical style and is lined with a shark silhouette, highlighting the cause. TOM is involved in other noteworthy causes; the company was founded on the principle that for every shoe sold, a pair would be given to a needy child, making TOM a worthwhile eco shoe brand.


Woodland is a leading eco shoe manufacturer in India. The company recently announced a programme that uses green initiatives to reward customers. Their Pro-Planet programme aims to achieve carbon-neutrality for all outlets by 2015. Eco friendly measures to lower the carbon footprint of this eco shoe brand include planting saplings and encouraging customers to exchange carbon credits with in store discounts. Get involved and help Woodland get their eco shoes off their bulk shoe hangers.

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