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eco clothingThe Californian based eco clothing company Silvr Lining has combined renewable energy technology with high fashion in its latest clothing range. This innovative company currently has three eco clothing lines that are all made with sustainable and natural materials in an effort to lower the carbon footprint of clothing manufacturing. At the same time the Silvr Lining collections are ultra-modern and feature technology driven solutions to the ever changing world of fashion, whilst maintaining the industry ideals of fine form and the public appeal of functionality. Particular attention is given to ethics and ecological consciousness behind the materials used.

The GO Collection is the most eco friendly clothing range and features solar heating panels as part of the actual garment. The director of Silvr Lining, Sandra Garratt, collaborated with electrical engineer Douglas Holmes to create the eco chic clothing range. The GO collection is fashionable yet practical urban sportswear that integrates solar panels that allow wearers to charge mobile devices whenever and wherever they are. Fortunately the sun is a regular feature of the average Californian day, so integrating solar technology into fashion was a logical step.

The GO collection consists of a vest, two jackets and a pair of cargo pants equipped with polymer solar panels. The panels are attached to a power pack or solar panel battery that mobile devices can plug into for charging. They both simply slip into the garment’s pockets and are protected by a clear patch. The material used for the eco friendly line is Ultrasuede, which is made from recycled polyester and is therefore highly sustainable. Even the solar panels where designed to be as minimal as possible and succeeded in material reduction. The collection is unisex and therefore offers the most sustainable eco clothing for women and men. The Silvr Lining eco clothing brand is a leading company in sustainable clothing and is setting a fine example for clothing manufacturers worldwide.

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