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eco-friendly-kids-clothingGreen, green, green. We’re pretty used to the phrase, but it usually relates to household and business practices. Then men and women’s fashion started to get in on the act. Now we’ve moved onto kids clothing, and even fashion for babies in some cases.

Brands are jumping on the bandwagon and encouraging their consumers to buy trendy, eco-friendly clothing that will assure a clean conscience and contribute to a cleaner environment. Kids clothing for boys and fashion forward dresses for girls are all becoming features in ranges dedicated to this new set of best practices.

A while ago wearing green or recycled clothing would lead one to believe that your cupboard had one bare accessory hanger and a couple of tie-dyed shirts in it. That’s not the case anymore and there are a few pioneers for the recycled, eco-friendly and sustainable designer kids clothing industry.

H&M, the high-street chain, were making kids clothing using sustainable materials back in 2005 and they have seen a large increase in their customer base’s green consciousness. Consumers are beginning to question the working environments of the factories and the nature of their clothing materials, whether it’s regarding their kids clothing or their own. H&M are the world’s largest purchaser of organic cotton and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

In addition to the option of choosing ultra trendy fashion items for your kids, clothing made from eco-friendly threads have a much better impact on their skin, while alternative textile products can cause irritations. Shoe hooks are even supporting eco-friendly footwear and you wonder what next. Clio Turton from the Soil Association mentions how hemp and wool clothing are the best choices and that in order to make sure you’re purchasing eco-friendly clothing for your kids, shoppers can check if the materials adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).  Sustainable fashion designs are becoming incredibly innovative and the way the kids clothing industry is going, it won’t be long before they follow suit, tie and hat.

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