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There are few things more troublesome than a painful earache, and with all the noise pollution in today’s world, it’s hardly surprising that ear pain is a common occurrence. Most people affected by earache will use eardrops, earache remedies recommended by a pharmacist or GP; however if you prefer the natural approach, there are also a number of healthy home remedies that can be used to soothe earache.


These pungent bulbs are known to contain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory compounds, and are used as a natural remedy for numerous conditions, including earache. Garlic eardrops can be created by heating and then straining a mixture of olive oil and garlic cloves. Keep this natural remedy in a bottle and apply a couple of warmed garlic oil drops with a clean dropper to relieve your earache.

Similar natural eardrop recipes include garlic in sesame oil, and garlic in linseed oil. They don’t play a role in hearing improvement, but they are certainly effective when it comes to soothing painful ears.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil really does have remarkable properties when it comes to soothing pain and irritation. Apply a few tea tree oil drops to a soft cotton ball, and place it comfortably in your outer ear to ease the aching – but be sure not to push the cotton ball into the ear canal.


Sprinkle powdered cinnamon into some olive oil and heat at a low temperature, then strain the cinnamon oil into a bottle and apply a few warm drops to soothe painful earache.


The onion is closely related to garlic and also plays a part in numerous home remedies.

Bake or steam an onion until it is soft, then crush the cooked onion and press out the juice. Once the juice is at a comfortably warm temperature, use a dropper to apply the natural remedy; your earache should ease in a couple of minutes.

There are numerous other natural remedies recommended to ease ear pain, but if you find yourself struggling with chronic earache, it is best to consult your pharmacist or doctor. You may also want to look into auditory enhancement treatment and general ear health. However, for those little earache annoyances, you should find these natural, earth-friendly earache remedies to be safe and efficient.

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