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When one thinks of the concept of the supercar, the furthest thing from their mind is conservation. Everything about a supercar screams ‘bigger’, ‘better’, ‘faster’ and as a result ‘more’. That is to say most speed, more power and ultimately more fuel which naturally leads to great carbon emissions. This is a completely contradictory ideal to what being eco-friendly is all about and yet the technology has progressed. The benefits of new technology is that is offers an opportunity to pack in as much horsepower as you possibly can and still turn to renewable or clean fuels; at least this is the challenge for the supercars of 2012. While you’re not likely to find any of the supercar brands that are truly eco-friendly at used car dealerships right now, in a decade or so we’ll start to see more and more of these supercharged eco-friendly beasts roaming the wild.

The most powerful supercar in the world, known to be dubbed the Bugatti-slayer, is currently having its concept finalised. The new special edition Koenigsegg CCXR  boasts a miraculous 1018 horsepower and is not the run-of-the-mill side supercar at your local import car show. With the ability to go from 0-100 in 2.9 seconds, it’s almost as effective as time travel; the 7,200rpms and peak torque of 1,060Nm helps too. But the key to this beast is the burning of ethanol as a biofuel; not only does it make it eco-friendly but it’s also functional as it cools down the combustion chambers. When and if this supercar becomes available for sale, you can rest easy knowing you’re helping the earth while still keeping an insane about of horsepower secured in your steering wheel.

If you too want to go eco-friendly, I’m more than certain used car dealerships Johannesburg and the world over can and will be able to give you the best advice on which cars are likely to do the job. We shouldn’t auction away earth over supercars just because we want power, sometimes the joy of driving a super fast car just cannot compare but thankfully the future is going to balance out the opulence with the practical. For some of us, all we’ll ever own of supercars is a wallpaper of one but we all own the earth together; the responsibility should be on all of us whether we own a supercar or otherwise.

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