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When it comes to the world of fashion, trends tend to fight inconsistency tending to the influx and efflux of materials and fads that come and go. Sustainable fashion however has nothing to do with fighting those trends into something most consistent although the movement in itself has been tipped to become a lasting feature. Sometimes also known as eco fashion, sustainable fashion design is the philosophy of sustainability through environmental and social responsibility. This movement is far reaching and includes all areas of design although we’re only discussing its implications in fashion this time around.

When it comes to shaping sustainable fashion, everything is considered from the bespoke hangers for shops to the chemicals used in softening fabrics. There are a few sustainable fashion designers who lead the way for the rest of us as far as trends are concerned. Stella McCartney is considered by many to be one who led the way for the trend to remain sustainable, rather than being a simple passé fashion trend. There are many materials and more to discover when it comes to sustainable fashion textiles; often the idea is to find crops that are easy to use and are indomitable. There are natural fibres, cellulose fibres, protein based fibres and manufactured fibres using natural materials.

Right down to a scarf hanger and presentation in general, there are many factors to consider in the sustainability of a material. The ease of replacing the material, the source of the fibre, the industrial process for transmuting a fibre into a textile, working conditions of manufacturers and the carbon footprint of the material are all centre for sustainable fashion philosophy. Many sustainable fashion brands are striving to change the idea of it from ‘hippy clothing’ to mainstream fashion success. There is a long future ahead for sustainable fashion and it indeed involves us all as the human race having a long future as well.

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