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tree-house-designIn our youth many of us dreamt of the ultimate tree house, complete with zip line, fireman’s pole and telescope to spy on the neighbourhood kids with. Elaborate tree house designs were sketched on paper with pencil and crayon, often to simply satisfy the imagination. If we were lucky enough to have a super DIY father who just loved slipping on his safety footwear we would get the standard few planks of wood but for the most of us the tree house remained a dream. However, in their adult years some individuals got just what they dreamt of and more.

The 4 Treehouse

The 4Treehouse by Lukasz Kos shares much resemblance with a Japanese lantern and seems to be suspended in amongst the trees. The three-storey tree house design uses four trees to elevate the building in a manner that is non invasive to the vegetation. The two ton, 420 square foot tree house is suspended 20 feet above the ground using steel airline cables. One puncture hole is made into each tree to anchor the cables. A staircase spirals up from the base of the tree to the first level, which is made up of solid plywood. The second storey in this tree house design is surrounded by a vertical lattice frame and is more open and to let in natural light and air.

tree house design 2Sustainability Tree House

The sustainability tree house has a rather unconventional tree house design that moves away from the square shack-like wooden structure common in kids tree house designs. Instead it uses a geodesic dome that requires very little material and is thus eco friendly. The simply tree house design is surprisingly spacious and has minimal impact on the environment; it’s simply hung from cables as opposed to being bolted to the trees.

Free Spirit Sphere

Another tree house design that is hung from trees is the Free Spirit Spheres, although it can also be hung from buildings tree house designand rock faces too. The tree house design and plan uses webbing, rope and only four anchor points to carry its weight, and is made of laminated wooden floors and fibreglass. Not only is it durable but mobile too, meaning that you can simply grab your work trousers and reconstruct it in another location for a change of scenery.

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