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Regardless of the shape and size of the items you are shipping you can opt for eco friendly packaging instead of the usual plastic wrapping that is used by most companies. Bubble wrap is an effective method for providing protection during shipping, but because it is oil-based it very hazardous to the environment both during the making of it and after it has been disposed of. New innovations in eco friendly packaging materials means that now you can protect the goods you are shipping while still being environmentally friendly.


When sending goods via sea freight it is essential that they be wrapped properly in protective packaging. One of the new materials is by a company called GeƤmi who has developed a paper-based protective wrap and cushioning material. The design of this eco friendly packaging is created using sustainably sourced Kraft paper. This is die cut and then expanded to form a honeycomb web that is both resilient and offers protection.


Other eco friendly packaging products that you can use include unbleached and chlorine free materials, packaging with little or no printing, packaging from sustainably managed forests, recycled padded envelopes filled with shredded newspaper, recycled cardboard boxes and recycled Kraft paper.


Items that you should avoid if you are serious about using eco friendly packaging and boxes for sea and air freight include plastic bubble wrap, polystyrene, packaging with chemical dyes and inks, and so on. The reason for this is that creating these types of packaging creates a lot of emissions and after they have been used they are disposed of where they fill up landfills or end up in rivers or the ocean where they are potentially hazardous to the aquatic life.


When planning to ship items make sure that you use packaging from eco friendly companies and that it can be recycled. With more people opting for eco friendly packaging this shipping industry will be one step closer to being more environmentally friendly.


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