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Home recycling systems have become a part of many local households and while these systems eliminate a lot of waste and care for environment, sometimes it’s fun to take these items and consider some home craft projects for you to attempt. Hangers are always in abundance around the house after shopping trips during the festive period or after Christmas gifts have all been hung up or packed away in the cupboard. So instead of simply putting them into the plastic of metal recycling bin in your home system, why not try out one or two of these home craft projects, using hangers that can be practical and fun for the whole family.

1)    Project and to-do board for the living room – Make use of plastic Wellington boot hangers mounted to the top of a board to hang photos, shopping lists or general household rules from. The backboard that you mount the hanger clips to can be decorated with photos or painted by the kids for a fun home craft project.

2)    Make some angel wings for a kiddies party – If you take a pair of wire coat hangers and some pliers, you’ll have all you need to couple the two together at the hooks of the hanger and to create some amazing wings for a little angel or fairy. Put some paper or foil around the wire to accentuate the wings and you’ll have a smiling child.

3)    Flower pot hanger – Simply the easiest home craft project on this list. Simply take a wire hanger and stretch it out and tighten around the lip of the pot and secure with the wire. Now all that is needed is for you to hang your pot anywhere around your house, preferably in some sunlight so that it can grow.

4)    Make a Wire Hanger into a TV Antenna – Simply by taking four wire hangers, you can create a project that will guarantee you better reception, sometimes up to 60% stronger than a regular “bunny” aerial. The process isn’t too taxing and simply looking at E-How will get the blue prints to create you home TV reception solution.

From old coat hangers to fancy new shoe store hangers, there are plenty of DIY home craft projects for you to get going with. Recycling simply isn’t about throwing out old waste in the correct way; it’s truly about taking something that may have become waste and making it useful again.


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