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The successful integration of biodegradable plastic products into the development cycle of items such as plastic bags, cup-holders, Tupperware and even dental products has spurred on the rapid inception of company commitments towards environmental betterment. With the addition of extra chemicals, even a Perspex acrylic sheet can one day fade into the dust from whence it came. Now, a company is starting to integrate an additive known as EP OBD into the manufacturing process of polyolefin products that assists in rapid disintegration in an eco-friendly manner. This compound is easily integrated into plastic products for rapid recyclable purposes.

At the launch of their new plastic products intuitive, the CEO of EnerPlastics stated that they have been hard at work on pushing this product out into production in order to find a solution to the mountains of plastic bags that choke the life out of our oceans, sewer-systems and so on. One-time plastic products do not have to become a lifetime of hassle; they simply have to biodegrade safely and without environmental impact. There will be a slight increase of five percent on the production cost of each bag, yet this is marginal when compared to the savings in environmental damage.

The polyfin polymers mix with the EP OBD additive and have been created without the use of any toxic materials – once sunlight or various other thermodynamic properties begin to affect it in (in water or on dry land), rapid chemical degradation begins to take place. The EP OBD additive even goes as far as to degrade if it is hidden in a landfill; the new additive effectively turns any plastic product into an organic compound that turns it into part of nature’s food chain. With time and extra development, even large scale plastic products such as a plastic mirror will be degrading once their time is over.

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    i want a eco-friendly material in plastic packing material and in duplex board

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