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While there are many types of wireless internet connections available on the market, much of the rural areas remain without wireless alternatives. This is partly due to the many obstacles in these areas such as vegetation, difficulty in finding suitable space for base stations, the availability of power in the area and the availability of spectrum. This is why a wireless internet connection is an excellent idea for rural areas. And with the advancement in green wireless internet services there is even more reason to turn to this kind of technology.


Wherever there is signal you can connect to the wireless internet network which means you can keep track of your business computer systems through application monitoring systems so long as you are online. While reaching rural areas is always tricky and offering high speed internet access is often quite an expensive setup for both the service provider and the customer. What one customer on Santa Paula in the USA required was to get rid of its dial-up connection in favour of a wireless system, install a wifi wireless internet system that offered connectivity between the house and the warehouse which is a quarter of a mile away and over a hill, and could be accessed by both iPhones and iMac computers. They also had to get around the problem of there being no electric power source to the access relay point on the hill between the buildings.


An Ethernet connection wasn’t suitable because the underground conduits were spaced too far apart and fibre optic cables are too costly. The initial plan for a wireless router and additional routers came with its own set of problems, which resulted in the business finally opting for a wired capability with satellite wireless service to the warehouse. They now had access to the business internet provider and could run their business more effectively.


They used a gas generator and dual solar and wind energy to power the battery, in order to be a green wireless internet system. Using renewable energy sources to power businesses including their wireless internet systems is something every business should take into account.


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