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Yeah, fresh clean power is a beautiful thing. Imagine endless power harvest from the sun. Well, for some enterprising Canadians they now can now not only imagine the benefits but will feel them as well. Canada’s largest solar roof installation has recently been completed, the switch has been flipped and power is now being sucked into the photovoltaic roof tiles. This is a 600 Kilowatt solar panel farm and it will be able to generate enough electricity to power a total of one hundred homes. That is over a hundred homes that will now be free of the fossil fuels which once powered them.

In order to commemorate this momentous occasion, representatives from across the city of Kitchener, Canada showed up and pulled the lid off this incredible project. This installation lays on the three hundred thousand square foot BF Goodrich Plant and has now become the official, largest solar installation in all of Canada. If solar geysers South Africa could use this power, imagine the money Africa could save? This enormous solar roof panel system will drawn in endless kilowatts of power and reduce carbon emissions by roughly six hundred tons on a yearly basis. Simply incredible.

The total cost of the project was four million Canadian dollars, but this was offset by the fourteen million dollars in federal grants which were given to the suppliers of the projects in order to assist them in their endeavors. What does this solar power saving translate to in money though? $129,600 in energy costs alone! This roof is part of the final touches which the city of Kitchener has paid dearly for and project Photowatt is now one of Ontario’s proudest solar powered creations. This solar roof will continue to operate for years to come and hopefully the other installations will start to appear around not only Canada, but the world.


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