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solar city towerA giant artificial waterfall could make the Rio 2016 Games the greenest Olympics ever. The Solar City Tower, a concept that won the architecture competition for the 2016 Olympic Games, could soon become a reality, and grace the open skies above Rio’s blue waters. Besides the staggering beauty of the proposed structure, the Solar City Tower is also entirely self sustainable, and will produce enough green energy to power the Olympic Village.

The Solar City Tower was designed by Rafael Schmidt from Zurich-based RAAFA, and is likely to be built on Contunduba Island in Rio’s beautiful Guanabara Bay. If the project is confirmed, builders will be strapping on their safety shoes this year. The positioning of the Solar City Tower will place it in direct sight of incoming visitors to Rio by both land and sea, making it an iconic landmark. The Solar City Tower will also be a proud symbol of Brazil’s dedication to green technology and sustainable development. The Solar City Tower, which will rise 105 metres from sea level, will use solar energy during the day to pump large volumes of sea water into the tower. From there the water will fall like a waterfall back into the ocean, where it will also be used to turn turbines that will power the Olympic Village at night. Apart from its green energy function, the Solar City Tower will also act as an observation tower and tourist destination, sporting a Cafe and bungee jumping zone.

Every Olympic Games has a goal to be greener than the one before, in line with the global movement towards green energy. However, a successful Solar City Tower could make Rio the starting point for making sustainability a central focus of the Olympic Games, which may eventually move towards a carbon zero Olympic Games. Considering Rio’s dedication towards green living, the Solar City Tower will be an appropriate addition to the city. No doubt workers in mens and ladies safety shoes will be vying to work on the project.

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