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The solar energy industry experienced an interesting year in 2010 with a variety of stumbles (such as budget cuts, companies dropping out of agreements, workers being laid off and so on), but it also saw impressive growth with 15GW of PV solar energy systems being installed globally, compared with 7.2GW in 2009.

Solar energy offers numerous significant advantages and this boom in solar energy installations was good news at a bad time. After taking a look back at 2010, we have concluded that the following are the top five solar energy power trends of the year:

1. Government support: Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) varies widely from country to country, which enabled us to determine what does and doesn’t work for the solar industry.

2. Energy storage and batteries: Batteries are in great demand and there is considerable research being done to find the best technology.

3. Emerging technologies: New discoveries in solar power cells have made solar energy panels more versatile and less expensive, which are ideal for heating up a solar geyser.

4. Space: Scientists discovered elements that occur in space which affect solar energy generation on earth.

5. Solar fads, green intents and large corporations: Companies are waxing lyrical about their “green-ness” through sustainable practices, which includes recycling and installing panels for renewable solar energy on the rooftops of Ikea, Walmart and Kohls stores, as well as installing a solar water heating system or two.

There you have it, the top five solar energy trends for home and office of 2010. So go on, overlook the only disadvantage of solar energy (the cost) and make the switch to solar energy for a greener tomorrow.

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