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The entire world has taken a greener stance towards Mother Nature and the globe. The environmental crisis has come full circle and together with the energy crisis new methods of energy are being researched. Solar power is a prominent energy source being utilized and in this article we delve into information about this sustainable energy source and the reasons behind, ‘why use solar power?’

Using solar power and solar energy is a cost effective and environmentally conscious way to harness energy. Solar power use is derived from the light, heat and the sun and one of the main reasons that using solar power is so applicable is because the sun is a constant renewable resource and there is no other source of energy on the planet that is more reliable. Many people are using solar power in their homes in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way. Solar geysers South Africa are popular among solar power for home use.

What are the advantages of using solar power you ask?

  • Government cannot tax solar power use
  • There is no greenhouse affect, carbon footprint or any pollution given off when using solar power
  • Solar energy needs no refinement
  • You can gain energy independence, reliability, and security
  • Oil, which is what most people use to power their homes, is not a renewable resource. This means that when the oil is gone, it is gone forever and we will no longer have power or energy
  • Solar power use is totally silent. It makes no noise when extracting energy from the sun
  • Using solar power is cost effective as it needs no maintenance and there is no cost in using the sun’s solar energy.


What is solar power used for? Some uses for solar energy would be telling time with sun dial, cooking, pumping water, purifying water, heating water (pools and geysers), through Solar Water Heating,  heating the air and as an energy source to recharge our technological items such as mobile phones and laptops.


Apart from having a positive impact on the environment, which is such an importance in this day and age, solar heating is both cost effective and totally renewable. It is a predominant source of energy and the question why use solar power, is evident in the findings explained in this article.

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