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Setting the precedent for sustainable construction designs, ABSA’s green building was officially opened in July of last year. Reducing their carbon footprint by an estimated 19,000 tons a year, the success of ABSA’s efforts to ensure a healthy and sustainable balance between development and the natural environment were officially recognised in March. Receiving a five-star rating for funding Joburg’s first “greening” project, ABSA’s prioritisation of environmental conservation paid off for the nation-wide brand.

Reports show that commercial buildings are one of the main contributors to climate change. Housing 3,000 employees, the top features of ABSA’s staff-friendly green building include its gas turbine as well as its environmentally friendly plumbing supplies and energy-saving digital lighting system.

The main highlight of the green building is, without a doubt, the grey water system however.  The largest in the continent, the system recycles 43,000 litres of water a day. Aside from reducing excessive consumption, the method also uses rain water to flush the toilets. The innovative inclusion has had a knock-on effect, inspiring ABSA house-owners to source their own eco-friendly plumbing supplies Cape Town for similar results.

In light of the company’s five-star rating, a first for an “as built” review, ABSA’s Head of Corporate Real Estate Services John Couret, said that they were encouraging all of their 39,000 employees to be a part of the “inspiring global project that’s aimed at improving our collective commitment to the planet.” Working towards Joburg’s inner-city renewal, ABSA’s green building is the visible mark of the banking brand’s commitment to the regeneration of South Africa.

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