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Blue paint is being laid down on the roads of London to make way for cycling. Two new cycle superhighways are being introduced in the capital in July. The CS8 will run from Wandsworth to Westminster and the CS2 from Bow to Aldgate. The cycling routes will make it easier to travel in an eco-friendly manner when staying and commuting in London.

London is becoming a greener place to stay with “Future Great Trees” project underway, The London Clean and Green initiate and now with the cycling superhighways. West London Estate Agents might soon be busier than previously with London’s clean and green new face. By the end of summer there will be four direct routes into the centre of the UK capital; cycling in London has never been easier. But that is just a start, by 2015, the plan is for there to be 12 of the distinctive blue lanes radiating from outer to inner London.

Apart from the cycling lanes there will also be increased cycling bike parking and training for residents to help to improve their cycle commuter skills and safety awareness. Transport official are working with businesses along the blue routes to ensure everyone who wants to can take to the cleanest, greenest form of commuter transport.

People need to be actively encouraged onto their bikes and onto the cycle routes. The first two cycling superhighways proved to be a giant success with road cycling up by 70% since July 2010. Chelsea property will be on the rise with constant constructive ideas and innovations being planned for London and in order to help deliver the Mayor’s ambition of a cycling city.

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