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The beautiful Malta archipelago is made up of numerous islands that have become popular tourist destinations. The picturesque island of Gozo has embarked on a sustainable movement to make Gozo an eco-island by 2020. Eco Gozo is the pivotal movement that is making strides in the education and economic development sector, including logistical aspects like income tax in Malta and in the social progress sphere.

Eco Gozo is a green movement that aims at reducing their carbon and water footprint and they strive to protect and nurture the lives of people in Gozo as well as the many tourists that visit the island. The Eco Gozo project is dedicated to conserving the environment, resources and culture which play such a prominent role in the identity of the island, not only for the inhabitants but the many travellers and potential investors too. The Eco Gozo concept seeks to have a sustainable and safe future for this beautiful island which ads and not depletes its environment. The people involved in the Eco Gozo tenders such as Malta law firms, as well as its people, have embraced the green initiative with open arms and the collaboration will ensure a greener and more sustainable environment. Eco Gozo is a holistic project that looks at differing and prevalent variables of the island. The success of this project will not only have a positive effect on the surrounding environment, its sustainability and future but also has significant economic implications.

The island of Gozo will look to become a fully integral and functioning eco-island by 2020 and they have already made giant leaps in the right direction. Malta recently received some positive news, the island nation are the most improved in terms of the EU education targets set which just highlights this island’s willingness and strength to succeed.                


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