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With the emergence of the green generation and a more respectful manner towards Mother Nature, architects have been innovating and creating concepts around green architecture and have produced some inspiring sustainable and green designs. In this creative article we look at some of the most incredible and innovative green architecture designs from across the world. Some Luxury property for sale in Arezzo feature certain green architecture concepts derived from the following designs we will be looking at.

1. Finca Bellavista; Tree houses in the Costa Rican Rainforest Canopy

Finca Bellavista has one of the most incredible, green, sustainable architecture designs. It is set in the treetops of Costa Rica and is world’s first planned, modern, and arboeal treehouse community. It is totally sustainable and is rustic but offers a certain comfort. People are welcome to discover this magical place and the amazing green architecture concept used there.

2. Bosco Verticale in Milan; a vertical forest in the city

In the heart of the metropolis of Milan, Italy, is an incredible green architecture structure that encompasses a forest, a vertical one. The Bosco Verticale is a 27 story structure that has incorporated plants into a concrete structure. The green architecture project is fully sustainable and will stand out greatly among the concrete of the city.

3. Metropol Parasol in Spain; Largest Wooden Structure in the world

In the Plaza de la Encarnacion in Seville is an inspiring structure made entirely out of wood. Metropol Parasol was designed by Jurgen Mayer H. Architects and this green architecture design structure has been named the world’s largest wooden structure. The structure has a honeycomb type of design awith wooden panels rising from concrete bases

4. Glass Domed Eco House Shaped Like the Eye of Horus

The architect Luis de Garrido has unveiled an incredible green architecture design home shaped like the Eye of Horus that is totally sustainable and eco friendly. It is shaped in a glass dome and is totally self sufficient in terms of water and solar supplier..

5. Sunken Pedestrian Bridge in the Netherlands

Reminiscent of Moses parting the sea, this incredible and innovative green architecture design is a sunken bridge in water situated in the Netherlands. This innovative bridge provides an unusual way for victors to discover a beautiful 17th century fort.

As extravagant as these amazing green architecture developments may seem, many luxurious houses like Luxury property for rent in Belgravia will see the introduction of some of these green concepts in their development.


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  1. While Finca Bellevista is a personal favorite, I’d never heard of Bosco Verticale or the bridge in the Netherlands. Thank you for the info!

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