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Green is the new color of the season and has been and will be for some time. Green, as in the environment, helping it, aiding it, recycling, not polluting and going green in all sections of our lives. Some of us support green by the products we buy and how we live our everyday lives by this color movement and now it was moved into property, namely the emergence of green homes. Many of us can be green by changing things we do in our daily routine regarding our homes but a California couple are set to build the greenest home in the world.

Paul Holland and Linda Yates plan to build a 5,600 square foot mansion in silicon alley that will be fiercely environmentally conscious and will have a green home design and a the best in green homes scheme. It will have eco friendly technologies and materials utilized and will be one of the prominent if not the most influential among green homes in America. There have been other eco green homes developed in London among some luxury property for rent in Bayswater, but none of this stature. Holland and Yate’s green home is a contemporary among green homes and has a recycled steel roof that diverts rainwater to a 50,000-gallon underground cistern, solar panels that are strong enough to power the entire house, charge 5 electrical cars and repower the grid. The interior of the home will be decorated in wood that was sourced and cut from a totally sustainable forest, they will utilized recycled glass for their sinks and will have a recycled steel kitchen. Their green home construction will not have any paint, ducts, HVAC or fossil fuels and will not use any air conditioning or heating systems.

This California couple are not boasting when saying their home is the greenest of all green homes in the world and have the accreditation from the US building council to prove it. One home created like this will make a difference but imagine if all homes constructed in the future had specific environmental guidelines to follow. Luxury property for sale in Antibes would become a green affair as London is already jumping on the green bandwagon and we will be seeing many more green homes constructed around the world. There is no need to compromise on the appearance on a house just because it is environmentally friendly.

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