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Easter is right around the corner and it’s the time to spend valuable time with the family and enjoy all the traditions this religious holiday has to offer. Having a green Easter may be just as important as the celebrations enjoyed and many aspects of this holiday can be incredibly harmful towards the environment. You may have already opted to introduce led lighting in your home to strive to be more environmental, here are some tips on how to enjoy this special day with your family and also maintain a respect and love for Mother Nature.

During this festive period, we eat our way through over 80 million Eater eggs and the packaging that the Easter eggs come wrapped in, is one of the most un eco-friendly things around amounting to 8,000 tonnes of waste that lands up polluting landfills. Even though you want to have a green Easter, you have no control over Easter eggs given to you and mainly to your children. Obviously the best thing you can do when having your green Easter is that you recycle the packaging of the Easter egg in the most effective manner. Apart from the obvious ways to have a green Easter like buying your Sunday feast locally and fair trade and using recyclable or pre-used decorations, you can also enjoy the benefits of green Easter eggs. Here are a few green Easter egg tips and alternatives to the traditional ones.

1. Host an organic green Easter egg hunt

The Easter egg hunt is a prominent Easter tradition and is loads of fun for the children. Instead of hiding all that candy around the garden to be forgotten about, why not have a green Easter egg hunt with organic chicken eggs and the child who collects the most, then receives a treat.

2. Make your own green Easter eggs

This green Eater, why not make your own Easter eggs. All you need is a mould for the chocolate and then you can decorate and personalise the individual green Easter eggs. Not only is this an incredibly eco friendly way to give Easter eggs but it will save you money and can be a fun activity to do with the children. Wrap the green Easter egg in some colourful, recyclable paper or newspaper and tie with a bow.

3. Make an organic and green Easter cake

Why not do something different and make a huge organic fair-trade chocolate Easter cake for the whole family to share, this will be a different an innovative idea on the traditional Easter gifts and will provide your family with a green Easter with no harmful packaging.
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