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In a society that is constantly trying to get “greener” and encourage others to become “more green” there are companies who are pushing boundaries and attempting bring out the world’s greenest products or services.  Even though we (the average Joe or Jane) have changed our light bulbs to LED lights, make sure that we do not waste unnecessarily electricity and recycle, we still feel that we could be doing more and be even greener than we already are. The first place to look when we are trying to find new ways in which to be green is to look at others such as the world’s greenest companies and see what they are doing.  Here are a few properties, manufacturers and even cities that are doing it right.

The world’s greenest city:

Even though all of these titles change on a daily basis, at the moment the world’s greenest city belongs to Reykjavik in Iceland. What makes this city so forward thinking in terms of green energy over other cities is the fact that the city itself is entirely run on green power. The city uses geothermal heating system as well as hydroelectricity and has been implementing certain aspects of alternative green living from as far back as the 1930s. In the past, the city utilised the benefits of its hot water springs for energy and have been perfecting the way that they use green energy as technology has developed. The use of this geothermal power has saved the city millions as well as contributed in a big way to reducing the areas carbon footprint, making it the world’s greenest city.

The world’s greenest car:

Released for the first time last month, there is a high possibility that this is the world’s greenest car that is soon to hit the automobile market. Going by the slightly odd name of Aptera 2-e, Aptera Motors claims that this car is the world’s greenest vehicle. The car manufacturer says in addition to the aim of making this car as green as possible, the Aptera 2-e is also safe, efficient and of the highest quality. The car looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, with its three wheels and rounded, UFO-like appearance. It is entirely electric and is rechargeable by a simple flick of a switch.

The world’s greenest home:

Believe it or not, there are individuals out there that’s life ambition is to build the world’s greenest homes, and with a home that practically looks after itself, entrepreneur Steve Glenn has reached his green dream. This powers itself with no help and has recently been given the “platinum” green status in the USA, a very accomplished achievement. The home, a double story house with four bedrooms, cost over $1 Million dollars to construct and was built in a factory and then transported to the property where it still stands. The home saves on estimate $1500 a year on electricity bills and everything down to the paint on the wall is eco friendly. Even though Glenn knows that he will not reap the rewards of the eco friendly house in terms of monetary gain anytime soon, he feels that his current contribution to the environment is his way of helping. Glenn uses recycled water, solar powered water systems and natural insulation to make his property the world’s greenest home.

The world’s greenest hotel:

This title belongs to the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers in Denmark. You would never be able to tell from looking at this particularly unattractive building that it is probably the most eco friendly building in the country and the world’s greenest hotel. What makes this hotel so green is the fact that the entire roof consists of solar panels – all 85 metres of it. In addition to these panels, the hotel also has a ground-water based heating system which sources water from 100 metres below the ground of the establishment. The hotel claims that all of their items have been selected based on their energy consumption and that they wish to even further their low use of electricity in the future.

While there are constantly new world’s greenest contenders rising up all over the world, today, these places, companies and products rank highest owing to their low or no use of electricity as well as their affect (or lack thereof) on the environment.

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