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When most people think of making green home modifications, installing water saving showerheads or a solar water heating system are some of the obvious choices that spring to mind. But for some innovative interior designers, the opportunities for increasingly green home design are endless. Here are three interesting green home ideas for the bathroom:

Phyto-Purification Shower:
We’re not likely to see this in a green home any time soon, but spa’s and holiday resorts could well be embracing this new green shower concept. The shower water is channelled into plants incorporated into the design, allowing the user to recycle their “grey water” via this natural filtering system, while enjoying the experience of showering in a lush natural pond.

Moss Mat:
This gorgeous bathroom accessory brings the outdoors indoors – making for a quite literally green home. The mat is made from a special foam called plastazote, and contains small pieces of forest moss and island moss, which will grow and thrive thanks to humid conditions in the bathroom and the water droplets from your body. This is a house-plant with a difference, and serves as a reminder that a green home contributes daily to the preservation of our planet’s natural beauty.

Cork Flooring:
Fitting cork bathroom flooring has definite advantages, such as softness, insulation and sound-proofing – and the fact that cork is harvested from tree bark without the need to fell any trees makes it the eco-friendly choice for a green home. Cork flooring is also anti-fungal much warmer underfoot than tiles.

While some of these items might not be practical green home design options for you, smaller changes – like installing a low-flow showerhead or using eco-friendly soap and shampoo – can also help make a difference to the planet!

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