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Certain countries, such as Malta, Cyprus and the Czech Republic are facing what the European Commission has singled out as a possible water shortage problem. They are compiling a report on the water shortages and will release their findings later in the year and a set of rules which will make it compulsory for each poor-performing country to obey. Member states will simply have to tackle their water shortage issue with a plan which focuses on conservation versus excessive usage. Ironically, the news has come just days after Malta announced that their water management plan is now underway, as their water has seven times the amount of allowable nitrate per liter in its water sources.

Malta has made incredible process over the past five years, yet there is still space for growth and a water pricing policy is well underway, with the EU Water Framework Directive stating that a management plan must be prepared for the catchment area. For those who have a Malta permanent residence, this now means that they will have to conserve water at their home and office!

One of the incentives of the water conservation bill will be to ensure that the water shortage measures taken are efficient enough for any citizen to correctly implement; there must also be an equal number of incentives for each registered user – these types of added benefits will almost guarantee a high level of success.

The government is addressing these needs by metering boreholes and updating technology with scheduled maintenance and a distribution system that addresses the consumption of overly aggressive properties which consume an excess of water. This is a Malta investment scheme of the highest order, as they are investing in the future of their very country. Water shortage is a serious matter and hopefully Malta has now begun to take the correct steps towards a better future.

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