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kruger sightingsVisitors of the Kruger National Park need all the help they can get in order to spot all of the ‘Big Five’, namely the elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo. In the earlier days of the Kruger National Park, arguably the world’s greatest nature reserve, information of Kruger sightings was relayed from tourist to tourist or posted on daily notice boards. However, considering the swift movements of nature, these forms of communicating Kruger National Park sightings where not the most efficient, but where nevertheless central to Kruger National Park etiquette. Fortunately, a young high school student has developed a site that provides real-time update on the whereabouts of animals.

Sixteen year old Nadav Ossendryver created Kruger Sightings, now known as ‘Latest Sightings’, that enables mobile users and visitors to the Kruger National Park to post details of their Kruger sightings and to share them with followers. Details can include the animal species, its activity and whether it is located near a Kruger safari lodge, gate, camp or other physical landmark.

The idea is ingenious, although the actual technology behind the Kruger sightings site is quite simple. Nadav has used the familiar concept of crowdsourcing and applied it to an African setting. His Kruger sightings site has been such a hit that it has gained over 18,000 followers in just a few months. Followers are not only local, but include individuals from Britain, America, India and even the Google offices in California.

According to the Sunday Times, the tech savvy child grew weary of having to ask his parents to communicate with other tourists to acquire information about Kruger sightings. He thus created a blog that eventually developed into Latest Sightings. Nadav is passionate about the Kruger National Park, its many indigenous species and his Kruger sightings site, and is unofficially the Kruger’s first virtual game ranger. He manages the Kruger sightings site before school and even during his break time, helping tourists on Kruger Park packages and day visitors alike to gain the most from their Kruger experience.

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    David Wainer 

    I went to see the http://www.latestsightings.com web site and it is really brilliant. Well done to this young man.

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    Carel Erasmus 

    Well done with the site. Just want to find out how I can access from FaceBook. Do I just invite you or what should I do?

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