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Many people prefer to plan their international trips online; the African safari should be no different. It’s usually a great idea for getting an idea beforehand how much you’re expecting to spend, brainstorming an itinerary and scheduling your trip. While this may sound extreme, my rule of thumb for adequately and properly planning a trip online; take a year to plot out the entire thing. African safari trips are memorable and special; ruining it because you run out of cash halfway through or missing an opportune moment due to planning mistakes will disappoint you to no end.

The first step in planning online is to figure out where you want to go; an African safari in South Africa is a great place for a first-timer with the Kruger Park safari coming highly recommended. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to find out more about the country. Travel routes is a great place to start; which airline offers the cheapest, are there any sales or initiatives that might save me cash on these airlines and how long will my transfers take are all great questions to ask and answer using online resources.

Your next step is getting to grips with the geography including climate, local politics, exchange rates and of course animal behaviour. Local etiquette will also make your 4 day Kruger Park safaris pleasant in that you’ll avoid awkward exchanges that you might not want to be in; for example what is a good enough tip at restaurants. African safari travel should have you meeting many of the locals, guides and law enforcement; get to grips with the local laws and unspoken rules which are all available online.

Finally finding which African safari lodge or tours company you’re going to go for. Check out their website and compare prices keeping in mind the green consciousness of the company. Eco-tourism is not only responsible; it’s also guilt-free. The internet offers a vast supply of resources that make your planning simple, easy and effective. We hope your African safari is unforgettable literally, keeping an itinerary and journal of your adventure will go a long way to crystallise your experience ad infinitum.

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