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wildlife-photographyThe prestigious Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year will close their 2012 entries on the 23 February 2012, leaving little under a week for both experienced and budding wildlife photographers to get their prize worthy shots in. The Veolia Wildlife Competition is one of the most renowned awards in the industry attracting interest from world famous wildlife photographers as well as amateurs with a great spontaneous snap at Kruger National Park accommodation. The Wildlife Photographer Award is two tiered, with an adult and young competition for those seventeen years of age and under. Categories are varied to display nature’s splendid variety and include animal portraits, behaviour, botanic realms, underwater worlds, urban wildlife and more.

Incredibly the Veoila Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is in its 48th year and showcases the most stunning examples of nature’s beauty from wildlife photographers all around the world. The awards itself is owned by two UK institutions that exist to preserve and celebrate the world and its splendid life within; the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine. According to entrants, it is an honour to simply be accepted for the award and is something that wildlife photographers around the world aspire to.

If you are considering becoming a wildlife photographer it’s recommended that you look back on the Wildlife Photography of the Year 2011 winners for inspiration. The Wildlife Photography of the Year Exhibition is currently on display at the Natural History Museum until the 11 March 2012, where one can marvel at the incredible work of around 1000 international entries from 2011. It showcases natures at its best, showcasing Wildlife Photographer of the Year prints, from 4 day Kruger Park safaris to the depths of the Amazon jungle. Ticket prices range from £4.50 for children to £9 for adults. For more information on the Wildlife Photography Competition or the exhibition visit their competition website.

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